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Looking to rent a sweet ride for your upcoming outdoor excursion? You'll want something that combines comfort and durability, with enough space for all your gear. Here's a short list of excellent options for your consideration. 

Anything Jeep 

With its fun, sporty appearance and rugged four-wheel drive capabilities, the Wrangler is the ideal companion for a spirited outdoor journey. Autobytel explains that while some earlier models faced criticism for their lack of technology, the updated versions have met these challenges without sacrificing any of that eye-catching charm. If you're given an option, go for the power soft top—you'll be able to remove the roof at the touch of a button (along with the windows and rear panels, if desired)—the better to take in all that fresh country air. 

Mazda CX-9 

If you feel that the Wrangler is too boxy or impractical for the adventure you have in mind, consider a Mazda CX-9 instead. These sleek SUVs are powerful as well as visually appealing, with the latest models boasting a towing capacity of 3500 pounds. Budget says that an SUV is the perfect vehicle to pack full of gear for a day of fishing or kayaking. If you don't have passengers riding in the back, try folding the rear seats down to create even more space. With a little ingenuity (and the help of a couple of inexpensive foam "noodles"), you can strap a couple of kayaks to the roof before setting off. 

Toyota Tacoma

While there's a lot to be said for SUVs, there are times when a pickup truck is the only way to go. Pickup trucks provide a versatile, comfortable, and stable ride, with plenty of room to store all your gear. Transporting kayaks and other small watercraft is a snap—just pop it in the bed, make sure it's tied securely, and you're good to go. If you need to tow a larger boat, the Tacoma is the perfect choice—Toyota shows that the latest models boast a towing capacity of up to 6400 pounds. Another bonus that often gets overlooked is the amount of headroom and legroom you'll have in the cab. 

Before applying for your rental, consider what activities you'll be enjoying during your outdoor vacation. Also, take a look at the weather forecast—if it's supposed to rain the entire time, you may want to rethink the pickup truck. Planning ahead will make your selection easier and your trip a more enjoyable one. Happy trails! 

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