• Summer Activities You Can Begin Planning Now

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    With summer approaching, many people are anxiously waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted. You may be wondering if it’s worthwhile planning a vacation if you can’t guarantee that it’s even going to happen. Fortunately, there are few activities that you can start planning now. Here are three activities that you can enjoy while maintaining social distancing requirements.

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  • Planning a Fishing Trip to Orlando? Read this!

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    For those who love the outdoors and the water, one great destination we recommend for this summer is Orlando, Florida. With access to many lakes and the Atlantic ocean, Orlando gives you the best of saltwater and freshwater fishing. Orlando has access to the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, which cover more than 80,000 acres of water that hold some of the biggest largemouth bass ever caught. Because of this abundance of bass, Bassmaster Classic and Florida Bass Federation Tour call Lake Kissimmee, the largest of the lakes, their "home."

    The Lakes of Orlando

    2014 BASS Open champion Van Soles states that largemouth bass can be caught year round in Florida. He suggests using a 65-pound test line on a sturdy pole as the proper fishing gear for the big bass. In winter, look for bass taking cover in the grass and vegetation; in the summer,  expect the bass to swim for shade after mid-morning. Van Soles also suggests using a Gambler BB Cricket that will wiggle through the thickness of this vegetation. There are other plastic baits, too, such as various colored worms, jigs, and lizards that can penetrate the vegetation. Crankbaits also work well because they have a lot of action that attracts the fish.

    Though bass is the most popular, there are many different species of freshwater fish to catch besides bass. In the smaller lakes, there is fun for the inexperienced members of the family as they can catch shellcrackers. Proper fishing gear for shellcrackers includes a light rod and a bobber with freshwater shrimp or worms as bait. Children can enjoy hooking bluegill using an ultralight rod and a bobber and tiny jigs as lures. Crickets and red worms work well as live bait for luring bluegill onto the hook.

    Ocean Fishing Near Orlando

    It takes about 90 minutes to arrive at the ocean and Cocoa Beach, directly east of Orlando. There, vacationers can surf fish by walking a short distance into the water, or they can fish off the public pier. Saltwater fishing guides will also take people deep sea fishing. While they are visiting Cocoa Beach, vacationers can inquire at local bait shops about what fish are active, as well as what lures and bait are best to use. For the proper fishing gear, the vacationer can rent a fishing pole at the Cocoa Beach fishing pier where some fresh shrimp as bait is included with this borrowed pole. Whether you plan to rent a pole or bring your own, make sure it’s the right kind; for saltwater fishing gear, Kiehberg recommends "fishing rods that have been engineered to be extremely strong and lightweight" as opposed to other fishing rods built for freshwater fishing or fly fishing.

    There is little doubt that both the experienced and the inexperienced fisher will enjoy visiting Orlando, Florida, and its neighbor, Cocoa Beach. In these locations, the entire family can catch both freshwater and saltwater fish. We hope that the recommendations in this article will help you get the best catch!

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