• Why Everyone Visits Canyonlands National Park

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    The Canyonlands National Park is the preferred destination for not just hikers and backpackers but also for mountain bikers and four wheelers. One of the several reasons why everyone loves this national park is the diverse and stunning topography of the land.

    Understanding the Lay of the Land

    Canyon LandsThe Canyonlands National Park extends over more than 527 square miles. It is essentially divided into four separate zones. This includes the dramatic Island in the Sky, the wild and rugged Maze, the Needles and the rivers Colorado and Green. Each district is unique and holds a special appeal. Whether you are looking for the adrenaline rush of white water rafting or prefer to discover the ancient and revered lands of the ancestral Pueblo people, you will find plenty to do here.

    Come Hiking

    The Island in the Sky and the Needles districts offers hikers and backpackers many different trails. The terrain is both a challenge as well as pleasure to explore. It is important that you come well prepared and carry backpacking packs that are appropriate for the hike you have in mind. Do choose hiking clothing that is appropriate for the season and is comfortable and well fitting. Do not forget your survival paracord bracelet at home. The versatile bracelet is the most convenient and stylish emergency gear that you can invest in and offers multiple use. It is useful to mountain bikers, hikers, backpackers and kayakers alike.

    A Thousand Stars for You

    Sleeping under the stars with no artificial lights to disturb your view is one of the top reasons why people like to go to the Canyonlands. Being surrounded by the wide expanse of land around you and the sky above is a thrilling experience. Head to the Maze or the Needles district for unforgettable views. You will go home with memories for a lifetime. Do go well prepared as the closest convenience or hiking store will be far away. Make sure you have adequate hiking gear and your survival bracelet is on your wrist.

    Whitewater Rafting

    Amazing National ParksTo explore the Park off the beaten track you could opt for a raft, canoe or a kayak. The solitude and startling natural beauty that you will witness is indescribable. You could choose a day long rafting trip with one of the many companies that offer resources and river guides.

    Or you may prefer a self-guided river journey. Do ensure that you do adequate research before you plan your trip and also use a backpack that is right for you and the activity you have in mind. You could do a half day or a day long trip, though most rafters and kayakers would recommend that you spend several days on the Green and Colorado rivers.

    Not Just One of the Crowd

    Every year more than 500,000 visitors to the national park enjoy resplendent views that mesmerize. That said, do keep in mind the enormous area that the park covers. You will not have to worry about jostling crowds or tourists with selfie sticks. It is important that you choose a trail or a section of the park that you wish to visit based on your interests. Do remember that the districts are not connected from within the Canyonlands National Park, and you would have to leave it in order to enter a different zone.

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