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With summer approaching, many people are anxiously waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted. You may be wondering if it’s worthwhile planning a vacation if you can’t guarantee that it’s even going to happen. Fortunately, there are few activities that you can start planning now. Here are three activities that you can enjoy while maintaining social distancing requirements.

Boating on the Lake

If you’re doing it properly, a boating trip should keep you far away from boats and other people. To plan the best boating trip, you first need to select the date. You’ll want a day when the lake is calm, sunny, and not overly crowded. Weather reports are usually only accurate 2 weeks ahead, so you’ll need to be a little flexible. You can avoid the crowds by not scheduling near holidays. Next, you’re going to want some good food. While it may be tempting to bring some beers, don’t. Even having a few drinks can make you too intoxicated to safely drive a boat. Even if you’re not driving the boat, you can be a danger to others if you're getting tipsy on the water.

Multi-Day Hike

A multi-day hike is another great activity that you can plan with confidence. You’ll need to prepare by becoming intimately familiar with the lay of the land. Of course, no one plans to get lost, but you should have a clear plan to follow in case it does happen. Make sure that you have the proper gear in case the weather turns bad. Take extra food and bring a few water purifiers as well. Before you leave, make sure that you provide family and friends with a detailed plan for your trip. If something does go wrong, this plan will give others the means to find you and give you the help you need.

Summer Education

If you are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, you may not feel comfortable with the idea of leaving the house. That’s ok, there are still ways that you can have a productive summer. One of the things that everyone should be doing is creating a plan for summer education. If you are in school, you need to keep your skills sharp over the break. If you’ve left school, then this would be a great time to learn a new skill for the workplace. Whatever your situation, you should have an engaging fun way to expand your mind during the summer.

Your summer is what you make of it. You can have excitement and adventure, or you can have peace and quiet. There are plenty of activities that you can plan today to make sure you have a great summer.

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