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Most of us have fond memories of camping. We remember the smell of wood smoke and fresh air and think back on that first bite of a perfect, fire-roasted hotdog. But as children, we never minded sleeping on the ground or fretted about the nearest WIFI hotspot being 15 miles away. Still, something about sitting in a fully-furnished cabin with air conditioning, WIFI, and a full kitchen hardly feels like camping at all. But there are compromises that can be made to strike the balance between both. 



Bare-essentials camping may take you deep into the wilderness, but that’s not necessary to enjoy a weekend in nature. Instead, you could choose an established campground. Many establishments will be surrounded by natural beauty and still give you access to electricity and water. In addition, having your car nearby allows you to drive to the nearest store for supplies. It also gives you a place to keep your food safe overnight from your new, furry neighbors. 



For a compromise between glamping and the camping you knew as a child, you may consider ditching the cabin. Renting is expensive, not to mention the complexity of looking to buy. Tents are a far less expensive option and you can make them more hospitable by investing in a comfortable cot and finding a campground equipped with platforms. This will keep your tent up off the uneven ground for a more comfortable night's sleep. For even better built beds, you might consider looking into an RV. Today you can even find recreational vehicle loans, specifically to help you with financing. It’s an investment you can take to any campground, and even enjoy on long road trips.



Eating well doesn’t require a full kitchen. Get creative with your food! If you want to class up your camping trip, consider pre-packing frozen meals in tinfoil and heating them up in the fire. Good-bye hotdogs, hello spicy, smoky dinners! You also don’t need to rely on sharpened sticks as cooking tools. Bring your favorite instruments from home! A spatula, cast iron pan, and a few forks go a long way! You can also invest in a grill rack to make yourself delicious burgers, bacon, and eggs. 


Camping should always be fun, so pack those few extra amenities to keep yourself warm, comfortable, and well fed. Bring those extra blankets! Pack your coffee maker and find the campsite that gives you the resources you need, but always remember to stop, take in the smell of that wood smoke and fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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