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You wake up with a sense of eagerness—eagerness to get out of town and enjoy the wildlife around you. After all, isn’t it okay to want to escape every once in a while? Here are a couple of tips on how to prepare your truck before venturing out into the wild so you can get that outdoor adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Optimize it for Off-Road

Your first item of business before hitting the road is optimizing your truck for some off-roading fun! While trucks are pretty capable vehicles in and of themselves without adding in additional modifications, you will enjoy your time and protect your truck from obstacles on the beaten path if you apply a couple add-ons.

First, take a look at your tires. Before going rogue in the wilderness, make sure that they are prepared for whatever snow, mud, ice, or sand they may come in contact with. That means that you will want deep tread. Second, if your truck doesn’t have enough ground clearance (for the extra-big bumps along the way) you will want to get a custom lift kit to boost your truck’s undercarriage higher off the ground. Lastly, if your lift kit doesn’t come with it, strengthen your truck by replacing your suspensions with heavy-duty springs and hardware.

Keep Everything Secure

Whenever you go adventuring, you probably like to bring a decent amount of equipment or ‘toys’ like bikes, a tent, fishing gear, climbing gear, etc. But you never want to just throw everything into ‘the back’—you will want systems set in place to secure your belongings to keep them from breaking or falling out. A headache rack can offer you full protection against the contents of your truck bed that become loose. It’s also highly recommended that you get a hitch for mounting bikes or other larger equipment. Always make sure everything is secured properly before driving.

Light Bar

Most people underestimate how dark it gets in the wild—especially when most people are accustomed to the dim glow of streetlights or lit windows. If you plan to camp where few other (or no other) people are camping, you will want adequate lighting. This is especially the case if you plan to go off-roading to get to your campsite. You never know what rocks or ravines may lay in front of you and you are driving.

Even with your brights on, you cannot see enough in front of you to get a good idea of your surroundings. Practice safety by adding a light bar on top of your car so that you have a good idea of what you are ‘driving into’.

Venturing into the wild has all sorts of benefits—peace and tranquility, opportunities to have fun outside, and escape from the mundane things of life—but it is also important to be prepared. After all, you have no idea (or maybe you do) what the wild is truly capable of!

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