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The Grand Canyon makes a perfect family reunion destination. Stunning natural beauty and a host of fun activities provide plenty of entertainment that will appeal to travelers of all ages and interests. Here are three things to keep in mind as you plan your memorable family reunion at the Grand Canyon.

Getting Around

When planning travel options for a big family, finding comfortable and convenient transportation is a key element of your trip considerations. There are several benefits of a 12-passenger van when traveling with a large group of people. Not only will you be able to provide enough seat belts for everyone, but they will also have plenty of space to spread out. Be sure to plan your route in advance so that you avoid the highest amount of traffic. It is also important to have the appropriate navigational services so you do not get lost while out on your adventure.


The Grand Canyon area boasts a tremendous number of activities to keep you busy on your vacation. Clearly, the highlight of the trip will simply be taking in the grandeur of this wonder of the world. You can see the beauty from a variety of viewing areas or from the air by helicopter. Of course, you can also simply hike down into the canyon. Many prefer to ride a mule down and back with an overnight stay in between. Other activities to consider for your family reunion include attending a chuckwagon barbeque, taking a rafting trip along the Colorado River, visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk or going on a mountain bike adventure. At night, just look up. Most people have never seen a sky so full of stars. With so many varied activities, it is easy to find things to appeal to everyone in your group.

Where to Stay

One of the biggest decisions that you will need to make when planning your epic family reunion is where to stay. The most popular home base for exploring the Grand Canyon is the South Rim region. This area offers a myriad of lodging accommodations, ranging from full-service hotels to rustic cabins and campgrounds. To stay a little farther out from the crowds, you may consider setting up camp in either Williams or Flagstaff. The North Rim region also provides lodging options if you are looking to get off of the beaten path.

On a family trip to the Grand Canyon, you will make memories to last a lifetime. The majesty of nature overwhelms visitors to this family-friendly destination. Don’t forget to make sure your phone is fully charged, because you’ll be taking lots of pictures!

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