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The Rocky Mountains are a great place to vacation. Covering a large range of over 382,000 square miles, it makes sense to go into the area with a working plan. At the same time, allow yourself the flexibility to stop and explore a little if you see something that's interesting to you.

Plan Carefully

Everyone can find something that interests them regardless of the season in the Rocky Mountains. You can go hot air ballooning, skiing, whitewater rafting, golfing, rappelling, rock climbing, canyoning, or fishing. With so many possibilities, you need to decide which activities are essential to you and which ones you can live without doing during your trip. It is also vital that you think about where you want to do each activity and plot it out on a map because driving on mountain roads can take a little longer and distances can be spread out.


If you are a foodie, you'll be glad to know there are many places where you can dine. If your adventure begins in Denver, start with fabulous Rocky Mountain oysters at The Buckhorn Exchange, where guests, including five presidents, have been dining since 1893, or head to My Brother’s Bar where people have been eating since 1873. Their jalapeno cream cheeseburger is hard to beat. You may also want to head to the Minturn Saloon, near Vail and Beaver Creek, for the quail and enchilada combo plate, just like people have been doing since 1901.

Come Prepared (to Party)

With all the fun activities to do in the Rocky Mountains, like hiking and rafting, it is crucial to come prepared. If you plan on spending time in the wilderness, then bring along a good emergency kit. Your kit should contain basic first-aid supplies along with enough water and food until first responders can reach you. It is also vital that you wear a GPS device so that your exact location can be easily pinpointed if needed. Even if you are staying close to civilization, you still need an emergency kit that contains some first aid supplies and a satellite phone. If you have a big family, you will feel safe driving a van since the mountain roads are well maintained.

Choose the Vibe Fitting You Best

You may want to consider basing your Rocky Mountain vacation out of different areas because each has its vibe. The Snake River area around Twin Falls, Idaho, is perfect for anglers. If you love art, then Bozeman, Montana, may be perfect for you. If the Old West fascinates you, Cody, Wyoming, may be the ideal answer. If long periods of solitude and camping are your thing, consider Estes Park, Colorado. Starting in Denver allows you to see many different distilleries. 

No matter what kind of adventure you want to go on, the Rocky Mountains has something for everyone. It is important to respect the mountains and be properly prepared, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun!

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