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When it comes to renting cars, all drivers have their preferences. Some want luxury or sports cars only, while others want the safest, most fuel-efficient vehicles. If you don't take the time to know what you want, you will have a long, burdensome trip to make. Here are five tips to avoid choosing the wrong car for your trip.

1. Road Conditions

Some cars are built to be driven on certain types of roads, and others are not. If you plan to take your rental car on a rough-and-tumble off-roading drive in the bush, you’ll want a truck or SUV that is made for rugged, off-road conditions. Review details about the vehicle's engine, tires, and horsepower. For off-road drives, find a car with high ground clearance and large, buoyant tires. To drive for days on the highway, choose one with a robust and durable engine. Overall, select the right vehicle based on the road conditions that you plan to encounter.

Image Credit: Mass Live Media

Image Credit: Mass Live Media

2. Weather Conditions

Some cars are better suited for certain weather conditions. In dry, humid places, Jeeps are ideal because there are no windows to lock in the heat. In areas that are always wet, Jeeps and convertibles are the worst choices. SUVs and other four-wheel drive vehicles are the most effective ones on roads that are covered with snow and ice.

3. Gas Mileage

Some cars are better at being driven for long distances. Check the gas mileage to see how many rest stops you'll need to make. Hybrid cars that run on a battery will require small amounts of fuel. The vehicles with the worst fuel efficiency have 10-20 mpg.

Image Credit: Thrillest

4. Space

If you’re like most people, you will travel with passengers. Your vehicle must have enough space for all of them and their gear, hopefully with leg room to spare. For a road trip, you'll be driving for hours on end, and you don't want them to develop leg or back cramps. When you rent a car, it'll cost a little more for one with a few more seats.

5. Cost

The cost of your rental is a significant factor. Price still affects whether or not you enjoy it, so create a budget for your trip before you pick the car. On vacation, it's a good idea to set a budget so that you manage your money wisely. If it's not a road trip, there's no need to spend a big chunk of your savings on the rental car alone.

Image Credit: Avis Luxury Car Rentals

Buying the wrong car is a nightmare for most people. Renting the wrong vehicle for a short-term trip is another hassle to avoid. Plan well for your ideal vacation and start by selecting the right kind of car. And don't forget: enjoy the ride!


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