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If you're an urbanite, then you might be more used to seeing concrete than you are dirt. But you don’t need to go on a 40-mile hike in the wilderness to be able to get away from it all and enjoy nature. There a numerous ways that you can spend your time outside, without needing a lot of experience or a great amount of stamina. Here are five things that city-dwellers without any prior experience can do to get out and enjoy nature.

1. Enjoy the Stars

If you get away from the bright lights of downtown on a clear night, you can see an entire panorama of stars and a moon. To do this, you'll need to get well away from the effects of the street and building lights. Find an open field, bring a blanket and a couple of snacks and/or drinks, and enjoy the show.

2. Take a Drive

On your way to the field, you can take a scenic drive at dusk. It's the perfect time to enjoy a beautiful sunset, and it will be a nice pre-show to the stars that you'll enjoy later. There are many beautiful scenic routes to enjoy from the security and comfort of your car — pick one and enjoy the sights! And if you feel so inspired, it’s no crime to pull over for a minute.

3. Find a Trail

Even if you're not yet ready to go on a backpacking trip, even the most novice of nature-lovers can enjoy a short trail hike just outside of the city. Just pick a pair of sturdy boots or tennis shoes, bring a bottle of water, and you're set for a trail that runs a couple of miles long.

4. Enjoy the Park

It's not uncommon for larger cities to have parks that extend for acres. For instance, people who live in New York City can go to the famous Central Park, or they can also go to Pelham Park, the largest one in the Bronx, which spans approximately 2,800 acres.

5. Study What's in the City

Even the biggest of cities have trees, bushes, feathers, insects, and rocks. You can be more mindful of the nature that is right outside of your doors. You can even collect specimens of feathers or leaves that you cannot immediately identify, and then identify them either with your phone or with a book.

There are countless ways that you can enjoy nature if you're interested in learning. This is even true for the city-slicker with absolutely no experience. Just be creative and mindful, and you'll be amazed and what you can find.

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