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If you have small children, camping can be a fun and rewarding way to introduce them to the great outdoors and instill a lifelong appreciation for nature in them. However, camping with young children may require a few precautions. Make the most of your family outing with the following tips.

Don't Rough It

No matter how minimal you want to go with your camping, you can’t completely rough it with young children. Children need a little more help than adults do, and staying safe and comfortable requires a little more care. Instead of choosing somewhere random to go camping, find an established camping spot that has easy access to bathrooms and clean water. You should also make sure that the site is a safe distance from the road and not too close to a river. 

Buying, renting, or borrowing an RV or camper for introducing younger ones into camping is a great idea. They can have the joys of outdoor experiences while having the safety and feelings of familiarity that campers and RVs can bring. As they get older you can introduce more real camping experiences to them. You could make a habit of it so that each time you go, your children associate frequent happy times in the outdoors.

Avoid Slopes and Difficult Trails

Most camping sites will state the difficulty level and length of any nearby hiking trails if they have them. This is something you will need to take into account if you plan on going exploring. While a mountainous area could be a lot of fun, you need to make sure you find an area with some age-appropriate trails or be willing to carry your child at least most of the way. Small children should stick with easy and short trails to avoid accidents.

Focus on Good Habits

Camping is a great way to introduce your child to healthy habits. For starters, maintaining good hygiene while away from home can be challenging, but having sanitary wipes on hand and hand sanitizer is a good starting point. You should also maintain your same hygiene routine from home while on a camping trip. This means brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and cleaning up after yourself. You can also teach your child about good nutrition by teaching them to cook basic meals with whatever means you brought.

Teach Basic Safety

The outdoors is a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. A camping trip is a great time to give your kids some hands-on lessons in safety. Show them how to identify plants like stinging nettle and poison ivy, how to stay safe around water and wildlife, and how to store food safely. You can also teach them some basic first aid, so they know what to do if they skin their knee or get a blister.

Camping with young children can be fun and exciting with the right know-how. Be prepared for the worst and choose the right site for your family by following these strategies. You will be glad you prepared in advance!

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